Our Services

    Individual Academic Remediation

  • Individual remediation sessions provide a balance between the pace your child needs to learn and the encouragement to master the next skill. Based on your child's specific needs and learning style, the learning specialist will tailor a program to fit your student that builds upon her strengths while working to improve her deficits.

    The team at Comprehensive Learning include highly dedicated learning specialists who provide individual remediation in the following areas:

    • *Reading/Decoding using Phonics and Whole Language
    • *Reading Comprehension
    • *Written Expression
    • *Math Computation and Problem Solving
    • *Receptive/Expressive Language
    • *Vocabulary Development
    • *Executive Functioning
    • *Standardized Test Prep

    Social Skills Superstars

  • Comprehensive Learning Services offers an 8-week social learning program, facilitated by Dr. Chrisna Perry and Associates. Through the context of children's literature, direct instruction, role playing and play, children grades K-4th have an opportunity to improve their social thinking and skill use to essentially foster a sense of social success. The Social Skills Superstars group will combine Social Skills Training and the Social Skills Thinking Framework, which will include information, vocabulary, and strategies to help individuals with social challenges become better social thinkers.

    Example topics for Kindergarten-2nd grade


    • *Emotional vocabulary
    • *Self-regulation of emotions
    • *Social relationship skills
    • *Personal space, volume/tone of voice

    Example topics 3rd-4th grade


    • *Perspective taking
    • *Problem solving
    • *Conflict management

    Learning Out Loud

  • The Learning Out Loud™ Language series is a research based language curriculum designed for children 1-3 years old and their caregivers. Our fun and exciting classes help develop toddlers' early language skills through storytelling, singing, music, dramatic play and art. Learning Out Loud™ (LOL) is not simply "story time" for children, but is a carefully developed curriculum that includes specific learning objectives for each age group. Learning Out Loud™ is an enrichment class for kids ages 1 -3 designed to enhance receptive (listening) and expressive (speaking) skills. Through an interactive, play-based approach, your son or daughter will be able to foster his or her oral language, speaking, play and listening skills in an engaging and literature-rich educational environment! The program is currently being offered by Dr. Chrisna Perry, a certified Learning Specialist and Educational Psychologist, alongside her certified learning associates at Comprehensive Learning Services in Hyde Park.


    • Dr. Perry conducts parent and faculty workshops to address various learning and behavioral issues of students K-8. Some past workshop topics include:

    • *Teaching Organization and Study Skills to Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Aspergers
    • *Learning Strategies Workshop for Middle School Parents
    • *Implementing Brain Based Learning Strategies in the Classroom
    • *Understanding Gender Differences
    • *Setting Limits and Promoting Positive Behavior





  • "After doing just one group session series, our son had more vocabulary with us on how he was feeling and why he could be getting mad and thus I think we could avert meltdowns more easily.  After two series, we believe he's more patient with his sister,  and I think his friendships are richer and more satisfying.  Instead of seeming rather quiet or withdrawn, adults find him pleasant, and he says hello and shakes hands more easily.  I think the 'social detective' approach really made sense to him and we still use some of that language if he's frustrated with how someone else is behaving - how and why they may be acting in unexpected ways and how he can approach the situation.  Finally, I would say he never seemed to feel the group was 'special' in a socially awkward way - he just enjoyed the other kids and looked forward to going to see Dr. Perry and her associates. We are now considering for his sister who has different challenges!"

    local pediatrician/mom

  • "Social Skills Super Stars with Dr. Perry was a great opportunity for my children to learn social behavior with other kids their age. They were looking forward to each session and when I picked them up they were excited to share what they learned. The take home literature were perfect  reinforcements. Definitely saw positive changes and would recommend this program."

  • "We have worked with Dr. Chrisna Perry for almost four years. To say that dr. Perry is fantastic is somewhat of an understatement. She is more than fantastic, she is awesome. She is highly knowledgeable, she is extremely passionate about giving the best possible support to her students, and her students (and the parents!) love her. I cannot say enough good things about her. Dr. Perry has earned our highest possible level of respect, trust and appreciation. We are certain that the private tutoring and the social skills superstar sessions have made a world of difference for our daughter. On that topic, I now realize that the social skills superstar sessions are even more valuable that I initially thought. It turns out that the kids learn tools that will help them become more sociable and happy kids, more able to deal with life's challenges (often presented by other kids). And on top of that they really like the sessions! I give Dr. Perry my highest endorsement. "

    Marcel R